13 September 2016
Your Website Isn't Dead by Sites Illustrated

It's only sleeping. You've bored yourself to death with SEO and have taken to a different form of typing for a living. Maybe you'll post some crazy testimonial and nifty things you've been doing, but probably not. Who knows. This is your website and no one reads it apart from that damn advice article you wrote when you were angry.

That's just how you roll.

With your decision to hang up your keyboard, there are fewer and fewer website updates left. Your pages are loaded with text. You've got a menu filled with links to anything and everything. There's no denying your website is stuck in the stone ages. Your optimism and credibility are eroding away on one too many search engines as you hand your visitors a one way, first-class ticket to your nearest competitor's more modern website.

Lately, you've been feeling nostalgia for the good old days – promising to dust off your web design. When you're ready to revive your website, give visitors what they need and expect in order to fall in love with you again. Everyone from looky loos to search engine robots will thank you for it.

9 Overlooked Ways to Make Visitors Love Your Website by Sites Illustrated

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