06 October 2016
Remember: The Goal is to Improve by Sites Illustrated

I told myself yesterday to slow the hell down. Not so much literally, but figuratively. I got sucked into a hectic mindset, even though I really didn't need to be, feeling frazzled and dazed by everything.

I think that happens to a lot of us, especially as professionals. There's always a long list of things that need to get done, and also a worry about falling behind everyone else. It leads us to feel frantic with the need to keep moving. It steers us to make longer strides and push on forward, no matter the cost.

The problem is that the cost can be very high.

I've talked about the impact of stress and how we have to put ourselves first. But sometimes, I slip up. Some days, all my logic and good intentions go right out the window and I get caught up in the crazy.

You know the crazy I'm talking about, right?

Like when we jump to conclusions and create objectives as a reaction to something we've just heard. Or when we hear a new business has emerged and instantly worry about the impact it'll have on our companies. Or, when we have so many plans and ideas that we forget everything can't be done at once. We get impatient and worked up with when we feel like things aren't moving fast enough.

Stuff like this can have a negative impact on us if we're not careful. But obviously, it's not easy to avoid.

That's why I've started telling myself, out loud, to "Slow the hell down." When I say it, I can actually feel myself relax. I take a deep breath, re-focus, and feel a lot better. The truth is, it doesn't matter how slow we go as long as we don't stop.

I know the journey you're on can be tough. I know that growing a business is overwhelming and you feel like you're going at warp speed pretty much constantly. But if you can implement little tricks like this to calm your nerves and help you focus better, I promise you'll feel more calm in your life and more productive in your business.

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