28 July 2016
Remember: The Goal is to Improve by Sites Illustrated

Comparison-itis is a real pain in the ass. As professionals, we're constantly comparing ourselves to our competitors. We see their Websites and feel envious, we notice that they've launched a new homepage or published a new blog post and the jealousy starts to creep in. Sure, it's natural to feel this way. But it's not fun.

When we make comparisons, we're missing a big fat point: The goal is always to improve. The real comparison we should be making is with ourselves.

That's right, compare yourself to yourself. Compare your business to your business. Weigh your Website against itself. Compare where you were a year ago, a month ago, or even a week ago, to where you are right now. Rather than letting yourself get caught up on how others are doing, what they're accomplishing, or all the ways they're winning and succeeding, what if you started writing down all those things about yourself? That way, when those comparison-focused feeling start bubbling up (you know, when you open up Instagram), you can revel in your own accomplishments and celebrate the feats you've jotted down.

That is so damn powerful. Just think about it! Whether you're building your Website or growing it, you're in a constant state of learning. You're learning by example, by experience, and by education. And all this development means that what you knew then, compared to what you know now, is absolutely mind-boggling. By comparing yourself to yourself, it becomes so undeniably clear just how far you've come.

When you shift from comparing yourself and your business to others, and start comparing yourself to your own business, you can see how much you've improved. You can tell how far you've come. You know exactly what you've accomplished.

And I'll tell you what: that comparison results in a much different feeling. Instead of feeling ashamed, not good enough, behind, and deflated, you feel excited, impressed, proud, and motivated.

Suddenly, you look inward instead of outward, and notice you've managed to do some pretty big things in a short amount of time. And beyond that, you feel a confidence that shows you everything you're capable of, causing you to get out there and keep moving, keep doing, keep going, because you realize all that you're capable of hasn't been reached yet. You know there's so much more inside that you're ready and thrilled to pursue.

And what an incredible feeling that is!

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